Entrepreneur. Coach. Influencer.

Lacey Magen is a board certified BSN Registered Nurse with 2+ years experience working as a nightshift nurse in Cardiac Care. She also received the Novice Nurse of the Year Award at Morristown Medical Center for her decision making skills and nursing judgement. She is a newly wed, former middle school teacher, business mentor, Nurse Coach and influencer.

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Here is her Message:

Hey Nurse Squad, Our Health Matters, too...

Do you feel overwhelmed by school? Anxious about starting your first nursing job? Nervous about the NCLEX? MAYBE you are on your own now and are struggling with a positive mindset at work.

Taking care of your happiness + health matters, too! Learning, understanding and caring for others takes place BEST when we feel confident and comfortable. Let's work on the mission of self-care FIRST together.


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Health + Wellness Coaching

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