Entrepreneur. Coach. Influencer.

Lacey Magen is a board certified BSN Registered Nurse with 2+ years experience working as a nightshift nurse in Cardiac Care. She also received the Novice Nurse of the Year Award at Morristown Medical Center for her decision making skills and nursing judgement. She is a newly wed, former middle school teacher, business mentor, Nurse Coach and influencer.


The Empowered Nurse Mentorship

Are you a new graduate nurse within your first year on the job and you are just feeling a little… Lost? Unsupported? Unsure of yourself? DisEmpowered in Nursing?

The Empowered Nurse Mentorship is a 90 day 1:1 mentorship with a group component that is aimed at helping you build your clinical confidence, strengthen your nursing practice, grow relationships with others both within the profession and outside of it, and improve your time management and lifestyle balance.


The New Graduate Master Class

Did you just graduate?! CONGRATS!

NOW It’s time to: Study for the NCLEX, Build your resume, find a job and conquer orientation!

Oh you thought after nursing school it was all uphill from there?! You still have a lot to learn, but DO NOT WORRY we all did :) The New Grad Master Class is designed as a program to help you with your transition from nursing school to becoming a STRONG, independent nurse!

This is a 12 module, online course that you can take at your own pace!