Learn How to Join The Team

Hey girl! I am SO EXCITED to share with you exactly how I began this journey and how I help others as well. Our team is made up of some pretty incredible women just here to empower other women to ROCK their healthy lifestyle!

Below you will see a few short videos explaining who I am, the details of coaching, and how to begin your business journey.

To be considered please watch the videos below!


Video 1 - Meet The Mentors

We all began this journey of Wellness Coaching & Online Influencing for different reasons! Financial freedom, job satisfaction, our own healthy lifestyle change, etc! Whatever the reason we have one main mission - to help others through growing a business online. 

We are excited you are here to learn more about what it is we do every day to grow and help others succeed! 


Video 2 - What a Coach Does!

The basics of what it means to be a coach and HOW we help other people to meet their lifestyle goals every single day. You generate an income by helping other women and men get started on their health & fitness journey. BUT FIRST you must work on yourself <3 so let's start there!


Video 3 - Joining the Team 

What you can expect from me & what I expect from those coaches that are selected to be a part of our team! Be sure to hit the button below to begin your journey!