October Meal Plan Game - ON POINT

I used to HATE meal planning... the thought of coming up with a PLAN for what I was going to eat each week DROVE ME INSANE and I realized it was mainly because... I had NO IDEA what I was supposed to be eating. I did not know if I was eating too many carbs or proteins, I KNEW I was not getting enough veggies... all of these details were things I simple was not facing head on. 

Until I was taught how to! I currently use a portion control meal plan. Tons of questions have been popping into my inbox for a guide of WHAT my meal plan looks like RIGHT NOW. I am sharing with you this weeks meals. It is simple and yes I am eating the same thing for the next 5 days. BUT that is only because this week is crazy for me, so I revert to simple and easy. Most weeks I alternate days meaning: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday will be completely different from Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This week we are keeping it simple! 

This PDF shows you exactly what I am eating for each meal of the day. The recipes for meal 3 and meal 5 will be posted later this week so that you can see EXACTLY how I make my meals at home and CLEAN. 

I left off all portions for grocery shopping simply because I purchase groceries for 2 you may be purchasing for less or more. Take that part into consideration! This week we spent $45 per person for our meal plan for 5 days. So HEYOOOO guess what... we SAVED money... imagine that! 

Please comment below any questions or thoughts you have and I hope this gives you some clarity on how to eat each week! 

Click  HERE  for the PDF version for print! 

Click HERE for the PDF version for print!