Meal Schedule for 12 Hour Shifts, Meal planning Episode 2

I am asked DAILY what time do you eat while working?! It is not always perfect but I do try to stick to eating every 4ish hours ESPECIALLY while I work…


Because when we are working as healthcare professionals it is SO important we are fueling our bodies and brains to keep up with our critical thinking and physical workload.

When we go without eating for hours at a time this is when we OVER EAT or make really CRAPPY decisions on what we do fuel ourselves with.

Yup, I do cluster my care around what is best for MY PATIENT (first) and ME (second). If I know I get hungry and need fuel at noon I will give my medications or care 30 minutes early if possible.

NO, this is NOT ALWAYS something we can do as nurses, but we CAN start thinking more about OURSELVES during our crazy shifts. If we aren’t taking care of ourselves FIRST we will struggle to give our best to our patients!

It is MY mission to be honest, transparent and REAL about the fact that nurses NEED to take better care of themselves to be BETTER nurses.

To see my IDEAL meal schedule during a 12 hour (day or night) shift check out this video below! PLEASE like/comment with feedback!

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