Angela's Client Story

Angela's Success Story

"I have struggled with my weight my entire life - but once I was no longer involved in sports year-round, I found that a big issue was my disinterest in exercise. I tried the gym year after year but found it so incredibly boring. 

Seeing the progress and excitement Lacey had peaked my interest and I decided to reach out and see if maybe this was an option for me. After talking and being able to open up about my goals, fears, and overall frustration, Lacey helped me find a program that would do exactly what I was looking for. I want to become a healthier person overall, both in my fitness and diet so that I may set a better example for my patients as a nurse. I want to practice what I preach and put myself and own health first.

I started the with a personally picked program and accountability in the Wellness Center and I couldn’t believe the difference I saw after a month.  I never thought I would say that home workouts were fun, but I am motivated every day to improve and work harder. The Wellness Center was so helpful in tracking my progress and also having a support group of girls working hard alongside me.

In 30 days I lost 10.5 pounds, but more importantly I lost noticeable inches in toning my body. I am excited to continue working hard and reaching new goals and milestones!"