Mastering Nursing Podcast Ep 09 - Personal Fitness + Wellness For Nurses

I was recently asked to guest speak on a pretty amazing podcast put together by Nurse Coach Keith! (@nursekeithcoaching) the podcast features experts in ALL DIFFERENT realms of nursing & healthcare. If you have been looking for a podcast to check out - go take a dive into Mastering Nursing!! I am so impressed with the quality of this podcast and wanted to share it with you! .

This specific episode gives insight as to why, I believe, it is so important we take care of ourselves as health care professionals FIRST, before we pour into the healing of others. .

I cannot thank @nursekeithcoaching enough for opening up this platform for me to share my voice! If you could show him some support & even subscribe to the podcast that would greatly help US as nurse coaches.

The goal is to determine the facets of the profession that people need the most guidance on and to offer insight into overcoming hardships! Take a listen, check it out & I hope you enjoy!

What You’ll Discover in This Episode:

  • The crucial importance of self-care and personal wellness.
  • Mindset and self-motivation are crucial. Positivity can be the engine of your personal wellness and your nursing career.
  • Getting in touch with the “why” of your choice to be a nurse is central to owning your career and being happy with the choice of becoming a nurse.
  • Being your best self at work and at home comes from within.
  • Plus so much more!

You can find this episode with the show notes HERE

It is so challenging to work in the nursing profession if we are not taking care of ourselves first. I have discovered that eating well + exercise is an amazing outlet for ME - So I am spreading that message to nurses all over the world. Before we tell our patients what they need to do to improve their lives and outcomes we SHOULD be doing the same for our lives. 

In this episode you will hear my "WHY". My deep belief that we deserve to treat ourselves FIRST. I would love to hear your thoughts on this podcast - please comment below and/or SHARE with a friend!