The 3 Things I wish I knew to do right after I graduated Nursing School

After a long winter hiatus, the blog is BACK and in FULL EFFECT!

Right now we are in the season of graduating nursing school and in that REALLY weird transition phase of figuring out what the heck we are supposed to be doing!

How the heck are you supposed to figure it all out now that you are out of the class room setting?

You have no teacher to tell you what to do or clinical instructor to give you assignments, you LEGIT have to figure it out on your own… YO, I know… scary AF.

I had a hard time in this period and I wanted to share with you what I WISH I knew about what to do! These things are NOT the end-all-be-all but OH EM GE they will be helpful. So sit back and listen up! I spoke about these (5 not 3!!) things on my most recent podcast episode - you can check it out on Anchor HERE if you enjoy listening more than reading :)

(oh p.s. - podcasting is a new thing I am dabbling into, so get ready to see some done stuff)




No, but for real. I wish someone said “You are not going to have a ton of time once you start studying for the NCLEX and start your job, so chill and enjoy yourself.” Because after school I ran myself ragged. Honestly, I would have interviewed better, stressed less while studying and had a smoother orientation process had I spent some time taking care of ME FIRST with a vacay or time off.

Once you get going, its hard to slow down! So REWARD yourself for finishing school with some well deserved time off!



I had to annoy the HECK out of our state nursing department to get my ATT number at an appropriate time. If you don’t know what that number is - lemme enlighten you.

In order to schedule and sit for your NCLEX you MUST have an authorization to test number… if you don’t you are SOL and will be studying or think you are preparing FOR EVER. Determine if your school does this entire process for you, if you need to submit any paper work OR if you should be calling the state to get your number yourself. Do not let your testing be postponed by something YOU could have had control over.

PLAN OUT YOUR STUDYING - it took me 3 weeks to realize I would need 5 weeks to complete the studying I wanted to get done. My suggestion… study for your NCLEX between 4-6 weeks.

I used Uworld ONLY. I did not study content OTHER than what was in the rationales. I did a total of 2500 questions and did about 75 questions each day.

I made my environment mimic EXACTLY what the NCLEX testing environment would be like. No food or water, no phone, no other open tabs. NOTHING. No coffee shops, no public places. Just me and my computer for 75 questions… that way it wasn’t a shock to me on testing day!



If you are studying for 6-8 hours a day… thats INSANE! You should allow yourself some rest time for your brain and body. Destress in between study sessions and break them up by doing activities.

ONE of the things you can be working on is building your awesome resume. Did you already do this in nursing school? Many people didn’t so it’s time you do now! Or at least go look at it and make sure its cleaned up and ready to go!

Pointers - make sure the formatting is clean, do not go over one page, make sure the info is applicable to the NURSING job you are applying for.

We work on this extensively in the New Grad Nurse Master class. Check out if this course is something that can benefit you as a new baby nurse.

Listen… this phase of your career can be scary but it cane be made easier by listening to those who have seen success before you! PLAN FOR YOUR SUCCESS and you will reap some serious reward.

Please comment below if you are in this current phase of your nursing journey!!