#5: I Failed My NCLEX Predictor Test...

Yup, you read right!!! Listen to this episode to hear all about my experience with NCLEX predictor tests!

In this episode we’re going to talk all about failure. Failure before nursing school, in nursing school, on your NCLEX predictor test, and as a nurse. I think it’s so important that we work through these and determine how to develop a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, especially when it comes to conquering our goals.

I want to touch a bit on the topic of failure, especially while trying to achieve something major in your life. For a lot of you, this will pertain to nursing school directly. I am constantly receiving messages from others who have recently failed a test, failed a class, or maybe didn’t get into nursing school. Most people who message me are actually just seeking validation and are in need of some empowerment or motivation to get them through their failure, which is why I wanted to hop on here today to discuss this topic with you.

On this episode, I share my story of failing NCLEX predictor tests and then passing the NCLEX because I think it’s going to resonate with some of you.

I’m really excited to talk to you about this because I don’t want you to give up on something that is yours, that you deserve and should have.

You deserve to feel the success of other nurses and the success that you want. Give yourself that.

You’re going to be okay and that predictor test doesn’t define who you are, it just shows you what it is that you need to work on. And if you fail again, get back up.

Keep trying. You will succeed. You got this.