#6: How Did YOU Become an RN?!

Listen up as we go over MY STORY and I share with you the messy journey to becoming a nurse and what it really took! DONT FORGET to subscribe, leave a review and SHARE with someone who needs it!

“How did you become such a strong, independent nurse like you are today?” I’m not always a strong nurse but I will say that I’m a pretty independent one and I do love what I do. On this episode, I am going to share my story with you: the failures and successes of becoming the nurse I am today. I’m hoping there is at least a little part of this episode that you can relate to that will help you feel a little less alone in your journey.

My story does not consist of the traditional route of always knowing that I wanted to be a nurse and going to school for four years to become one.

After getting my first degree in biology and chemistry and not getting into PA or med school, I took a position as a teacher. Although teaching taught me a lot about myself, it was not for me and I decided that I needed to shift careers.

I had always known deep down that nursing would be a good path for me and after a long and complicated application process, I was accepted into Rutgers accelerated BSN program.

I now work on a cardiac electrophysiology focused unit that I absolutely love. Working towards becoming a confident RN on my floor was something that I had to learn and it took a lot of skill.

It’s definitely not the traditional route, but I feel very blessed to be where I am right now. I hope hearing my story can help you to feel more confident within yourself and crush it as a nurse.