#7: Building confidence in all parts of your #NurseLife With the #Empower90 Method

I’m so pumped you’re here today because we get to talk about my favorite subject: the Empower90 Method.

This is a method that I started using when I was in nursing school and it has helped me in everything I have done since then. Not just in nursing, but with everything in my life. You’ve most likely seen my Empower90 journal but guess what? It’s not required to start this method right now.

The Empoewr90 Method is something that I share and talk a lot about because it has impacted my life so dramatically. This method is not nursing specific, it can be used in any career or circumstance that you’re not feeling confident in.

This is seriously how I built my confidence every single day. It’s not like I woke up one day and all of a sudden was super confident. I took these little baby steps of writing these three things down on a daily basis and saw a huge success.

This is not a long process and usually only takes me five to ten minutes every morning, but it makes such a huge difference.

Try this method at home on a piece of paper or if you are interested in an Empower90 Journal, go ahead and check out https://theempowerednurse.org/productandservices. And again, is the journal  required? No. Is it nice? Heck yes. I love having this system laid out for me. Either way, go for it. I would love to hear how the Empowered90 Method has helped you.