Ep #3: Why I Think ALL New Grad Nurses Should Work Night Shift

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“Oh my gosh. I can only find a job as a night shift nurse and I don’t know how I’m going to survive.” I am constantly getting messages like this from new grads, like YOU, freaking out at the thought of staying awake all night. Well, I’ve got news for you... I think night shift is freaking awesome, and EXACTLY WHAT IS NEEDED, for new grads.

Nursing school is your basis of learning, your building blocks, and feels like this big, steep, mountain to climb.

However, as soon as you’re done with nursing school and going through orientation, you have a second and much steeper mountain to climb. The first few months of orientation are overwhelming and you should expect to feel a little anxious, THAT IS NORMAL…

Night Shift to the rescue!            

In this episode we cover why night shift ROCKS for new grads. I have a lot of perspective when it comes to night shift because I switched to nights for a year and a half after orientation and just recently switched to flip flopping days and nights.

Night shift is SO important because you actually get to slow down to learn the things you got the fast track version of during orientation. I’m not gonna lie, there were times when I had brain fog and had absolutely no idea what I was blabbing out to the oncoming day shift nurses during report but, I can honestly say that night shift MADE my nursing career into what it is and helped me to become the confident nurse I am today.


When you’re thinking about night shift and becoming overwhelmed with how you’re going to tackle this, I want you to think about it with a new perspective. Check out this episode to hear my thoughts and to gain your new outlook!

Show notes written with the help of Maddie Walker <3