Ep #1: Intro to The Empowered Nurse Podcast

Ready to gain the tips and empowerment you’ve been searching for in order to build your confidence as a nurse?

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After spending a ton of time researching the best ways to share content with you it became clear to me that via podcast would literally be THE BEST way to share all the good deets with you <3 I hope you enjoy listening each week!

Whether you are a just beginning your path to nursing, working your ass off in nursing school, or currently bossing it up as a nurse, it is so important to have confidence in yourself and your abilities in order to be successful. We all know how tough the nursing journey can be and although nursing is very much a collaborative profession, it is rare to have someone standing behind you, patting you on the back for your successes. That is why finding confidence within yourself NOW and continuing to empower yourself as you dive further into your career will ensure that your nursing journey is one that you are proud of.

I am constantly receiving messages from people across the nursing community, either asking how to remain confident or gain confidence as a nurse. I am at a point in my nursing career where I feel so comfortable with nursing that I knew I needed to share my growth and empowerment with all of you, which is how The Empowered Nurse was born.

You all know that I am on Instagram daily and I even started a YouTube channel, but I thought that creating a podcast would be the best and easiest way for you to have access to the content. I want you all to gain enough confidence within yourself, that you are never having to wait for validation from other people, but are constantly validating yourself instead.

I have such big plans for this podcast, creating weekly content based on questions from you, in order to best serve you. This episode is really just the basics, explaining the who and the why of this podcast. I’ve talked about the why, so let me introduce myself.

My name is Lacey Magen Naematullah and I work on an electrophysiology floor that focuses on cardiac care. I recently found out that I am pregnant and have had to begin picking up day shifts because my body is no longer tolerating nights. I was an ER tech while in nursing school, which is something that I would recommend to anyone given the opportunity, because it gave me so much perspective into the nursing field. I grew up in Virginia and got my first degree in chemistry and biology at VCU. I then moved to New Jersey, where I got my second degree at Rutgers, met my husband, and have found an amazing community of nurses.


I am so excited that you are all here and cannot wait to provide the best content I possibly can each week. If you think this podcast would be beneficial for someone you know, please send it their way and continue to spread the word! If you liked this episode, don’t forget to subscribe and look out for weekly episodes. You can find me on Instagram @laceymagen, on YouTube at The Empowered Nurse, become a part of the newsletter if you email me at TheEmpoweredNurses@gmail.com, or check out my website theempowerednurse.org.