Beginners Guide to Distance Running

Becoming someone that runs long distances does not happen over night. For most runners, it takes practice, dedication and self-determination to be able to run at a consistent pace for 30 minutes or more.

If becoming someone that can jog/run for 30+ minutes is something that peaks your interest, then there are some things you can do to get started on your journey! As mentioned before, becoming a runner doesn’t happen over night, so lets chat about a few things that you should do to get started.

1.    Set a goal!

So many novice runners start out their journey without any direction. Setting a goal for yourself gives you something to work towards instead of aimlessly running! When you set a goal and let others know about it, you are more likely to be successful. Some examples of goals for beginner runners would be; To run 30 minutes without stopping, run one mile without stopping, participate in a 5k race, or run to lose ___ weight

REMEMBER to put a time stamp on it! Set a date that you will achieve your goal by!


2.    How are you going to hit your goal?

Make a plan of action, or a running calendar for each week. You should know exactly what you are going to be doing every day to get closer to your goal. This should be in baby steps. For example, if you have never run long distances before and are attempting to run a full 30 minutes without stopping, on your first run you should not be running any more than 2-5 minutes consistently to start. DO NOT over work yourself, just like with any other type of exercise, you have to build on a foundation! So start smart.


3.    Start where you are!

Know that it is OKAY to start small! The compound effect will take place and if you are putting in the work every day you will see success in the long run!


4.    Be aware of this common misconception!

Some say that you must run every single day in order to keep your endurance and stamina. Running is not a use-it-every-day-or-lose-it type of gig. The truth is, distance runners do not typically run insane miles every single day of the week! In fact, I ran my fastest race when I was incorporating 2 days of HIIT in place of distance runs and 1 rest day.


Now that you have read through those things you are ready to start! I have included a Beginners Guide to Running PDF. This is for those with a goal of running a full 30 minutes without stopping within an 8 week time period!


Using this guide, you can see that you start small and build up momentum. You are also only running 3 days a week; this means that the other 3 or 4 days you should be doing some other activity (you can include 1 rest day)! It could be weight lifting, walking, hiking, HIIT, dancing, or anything that you enjoy to do for physical activity!

If you are brand new to giving running a try – use this guide. If you are still a beginner, but are looking for something more advance, determine what your goal is a find a guide that fits what you need, and know that no matter where you are on your running journey just starting is AMAZING!

Enjoy that run!