You Are Ready!! Once you fill out this survey you will receive an email if you have been selected to join the team. In Video #3 we went over expectations and what you need to get started, you will find the PDF with information on each package and add on. Please fill out the form below!

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Choose the items you have an interest in so that I can be sure to set you up with exactly what YOU want to get started! AT MINIMUM YOU MUST GET THE BASE KIT! You cannot become a coach without a kit!

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Check which kit you want! Be sure to select any add ons you may want as well, you can ALWAYS change this once your registration is sent to you!
For your first month as a coach you get to sample a shakeology flavor!
1 Box $29.85 USD/ $38.67 CAD / £29.85 2 Boxes $59.70 USD/ $38.67 CAD / £29.85
Energize - all natural pre workout. Recover - Whey protein post workout! (If you want both shakeology + the pre/post workout please select below) Basic Package will come to $220US/ $285 CAD/ £220 The Complete kit total will come to $309USD/$367.75 CAD/£309
Are you interested in the LIIFT4 Exclusive Coach Test Group?
To gain access to the LIIFT4 workouts and access to the super trainer Joel's coach test group you will need to be sent that with your kit! It about a $10 charge currently and will be going up in a few months!
We are here to help you!